Alianza Flamenca is an international non-profit association, which has been formed to develop and encourage a broader understanding of the art of flamenco, particularly flamenco dancing.


Board of Artist Directors
  Dame Commander Hazel Acosta
PO Box 3367
Pinegowrie, 2123
+27 11 782 5312
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2 Chaumont Road
Lorraine, PE
+27 72 960 8111
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  Lina Dolores Vega
PO Box 548
Pinegowrie, 2123, JHB
+27 11 888 6571
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  Linda Vargas
1 Lingfield Court
264 Vause Road
Berea, 4001, DBN
+27 31 201 0750
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Syllabus Coordination Committee
Julia Bonegio
Lina Dolores Vega
Rosana Maya
Suzana Menotte
Teresa Morena
Juana Vargas
Linda Vargas
Johannesburg, RSA
Port Elizabeth, RSA
Johannesburg, RSA
Johannesburg, RSA
Sydney, Australia
Johannesburg, RSA
Cape Town, RSA
Durban, RSA
Management Committee
Chairman and Outreach:
Vice Chairman and Course Coordinator:
Committee Secretary:
Administrative Secretary and Diplomas:
Resource Centre and Computer Skills:
Foreign PRO and Outreach Representative:
Joanne Bobrow
Julila Bonegio
Justine Oosthuizen
Alexandra Le Maitre
Nicolene Mausenbaum
Mireille Lenferna
Maria Rohana
Rosana Maya




About Alianza Flamenca

Alianza Flamenca was founded in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1994 by a group of experienced flamenco dance teachers, who took action to address the need for a specialized flamenco dance training method. In 2011 UNESCO recognised Flamenco as a World Heritage Treasure.


Syllabus Coordination Committee (SCC)

A panel of experts in the art of flamenco created the Syllabus Coordination Committee and set about designing a syllabus. The aim is for students to practice this art form, enabling them with a sound knowledge of flamenco rhythms, styles and techniques. After a series of courses for which they are assessed, and certificates attained, they are then equipped to partake in master classes, to audition for dance companies and have a strong foundation to receive teacher training.


In 1995, the syllabus was implemented and taught in various dance studios in South Africa and Europe, namely Greece and Malta. The Alianza Flamenca training method continues to grow internationally, now reaching as far as Australia, Germany, Greece, India, Malta and the UK.


In 2017 an outreach programme was started, however if outside funding is not forthcoming it will not be sustainable.


Management Committee

The association is run by an active Alianza Flamenca Management Committee, who work tirelessly to organise fund raising events, promoting and exposing the art form, educating by providing a resource library and a quarterly publication 'Sabor' to its members and helping the many dance schools that have mushroomed around South Africa and abroad. Adjudicators and assessors are elected by the Board and Committee to ensure and uphold the high standards and evolution of flamenco. Annual assessments are held internationally.


Upholding standards

Since its inception, Alianza has staged various productions and held dance and teacher's courses to enhance the standard of dance and teaching within the association. World-renowned maestros of flamenco have been invited from Spain, such as Manolo Marin, La Tati, Domingo Ortega, Carmela Greco, La Truco, and Leonor Leal. Local flamenco teachers, who have made flamenco their chosen career, are also encouraged to give master classes to inspire students and teachers of flamenco.



ALIANZA FLAMENCA invited Domingo Ortega, world famous flamenco dancer, choreographer and teacher, to represent the association as patron in 2010. Ortega accepted and expressed that it was an honour to be associated with people who showed sensitivity, humility and integrity as flamenco teachers and students.

The high standards of Alianza Flamenca were recognised in 2016 when founder member, Hazel Acosta was honoured by receiving the esteemed award of Merit of Dame Commander by HRH King Felipe VI of Spain. The association continues to grow and thrive into the 21st century.